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           Guangdong Luyou Environmental protection Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of Green by the group, engaged in the sale and processing environmental pollution control equipment, pollution control technology,sewage material production technology research, development, environmental  engineering.
            Companies adhere to the "integrity, pragmatic,innovative, win-win" management philosophy to provide professional technology,advanced equipment and excellent service for the mission,to create a competitive advantage,and  contribute  to  environmental protection.
            Company to "muddy integration" technology and equipment as the basis, from planning and design, construction management,commissioning the system  test  operation  completed successfully covering municipal sewage sludge, industrial sewage sludge and water treatment projects and a number of sediment "turnkey" projects.
            Guangdong Luyou Environmental protection Equipment Co., adhering to the "unity and pragmatic,enterprising innovation;good hard work,Li Qian-friendly"green by the spirit of the people,"the green earth, which I practice;committed to environmental protection, the  benefit of  mankind"as its mission,expectations and many old friends,new friends,good friends to go along your path segment,for a better tomorrow.

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