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               Green by the company after 20 years of development history, from the "Guangzhou Panyu Jiangcheng oil trading company" to "Guangzhou green from discarded industrial waste recycling company limited", the transformation to the environmental protection industry success; then to "Guangdong green environmental Polytron Technologies Inc", in the environmental protection industry to the new economy growth pole, realize the great-leap-forward development plan.

        Guangzhou Panyu Jiangcheng Petroleum Trading Co. Ltd.

               Guangzhou Panyu Jiangcheng Petroleum Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, green by a predecessor company enterprise.In 1992, the spring breeze of reform and opening-up over Guangdong land, the ancient yau-khun chairman and 6 other friends to the establishment of the Guangzhou Panyu Jiangcheng Petroleum Trading Company Limited (referred to as "Jiangcheng"), to apply for registration of the simple and afford much food for thought of the "777" logo (meaning: 7 farmers, 7 hoes, 70000 yuan start-up capital), set foot on the operating oil products trade as the main business venture road. With honesty, dedication, diligence, hard work and dare to do everything by virtue of the entrepreneurial spirit, after 5 years of work hard and perseveringly, "Jiangcheng company" gradually develop and grow, and has won wide recognition from all sectors of society, become billion yuan assets have at that time, have the certain influence in the Pearl River Delta region private petrochemical products trade industry, "777" brand has been overwhelming majority of customers praise.


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        》Guangzhou green by Recycling Co. Ltd. waste disposal industry

               With the rapid development of social economy after the reform and opening up, however the problem of resource shortage, environment pollution more prominent, caused the attention of social all circles pays close attention to generally and all levels of government. Beijing's successful Olympic bid, China's accession to the WTO to the cause of environmental protection has become an important field of national development, the government is committed to show great determination to fundamentally control environmental pollution, improve urban and rural environmental quality, also means that the opportunities for the development of different areas of China's environmental protection industry will usher in an unprecedented.

               The ancient yau-khun chairman very keenly aware of safety recovery, solid waste disposal and comprehensive utilizatiof renewable will become a new environmental protection industry has broad prospects, he determined to give up the good momentum of development of the main industry, resolutely turned. To advance the prediction ability, strong confidence and courage and a strong sense of social responsibility, the development of transition to a "solid waste environmental protection" industry, to fill the blank of China solid waste treatment.

                Guangzhou green from discarded Industrial Waste Recycling Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, registered capital of 35000000 yuan. Professional engaged in various types of industrial waste material collection, disposal and comprehensive utilization of renewable.

        In June 5, 2002, the company with high technology, high standard in Nansha District Hengli Town Construction in Guangzhou City, covers an area of 200000 ㎡ "comprehensive utilization of industrial waste disposal center", a project investment 150000000 yuan, the two phase of the project investment 9 ten million yuan, a total of more than 10 treatment project, the annual handling capacity of up to 1000000 tons, and was built in 2004 put into operation.

                Green by the incorporated part of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou city solid waste pollution prevention and control planning, the people's Government of Guangdong Province was identified as the first batch of pilot units of circular economy; was listed as the Guangzhou city industrial investment in major and key construction projects; have been identified as "tetramine" designated disposal unit of the State Environmental Protection Administration by law enforcement departments of public security;, customs, drug administration, supervision, as one of the main places the destruction of counterfeit and shoddy goods, pharmaceuticals; was rated as high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection backbone enterprises and outstanding environmental protection enterprises.

                The current study of Chinese economic system reform will chairman Comrade Gao Shangquan in the study, praised the green by the company as a private enterprise to create a new environmental Road, arrived at a positive role for promoting development of circular economy in the. Director of Guangzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Ding Hong in the green by the company's research has pointed out, the green from the current situation and development trend of the company shows modernization of environmental protection industry in Guangzhou city is formed. Green by the chairman of the company Gu Yaokun entrepreneurs as the outstanding farmers is committed to environmental protection, by the national development and Reform Commission and other departments rated as the national ten "three rural" advanced typical character represents one, in 2008 January, 2011 January has been warmly welcomed and encouraged the political commissar of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Hui Liangyu comrades and Zhang Dejiang comrades. After years of efforts, the company has developed into a green Guangdong Province industrial solid waste treatment scale is the largest, most types of private enterprise of environmental protection processing. Along with the concept of circular economy, out of a new road project construction scale of private environmental protection enterprises, waste treatment and comprehensive utilization of resources and high-tech industrialization.

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        》Guangdong Luyou Environmental protection Equipment Co.,Ltd.                    

              Guangdong Luyou Environmental protection Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of Green by the group, engaged in the sale and processing environmental pollution control equipment, pollution control technology, sewage material production technology research, development, environmental engineering.
              Companies adhere to the "integrity, pragmatic, innovative, win-win" management philosophy to provide professional technology, advanced equipment and excellent service for the mission, to create a competitive advantage,and contribute to environmental protection.

              Company to "muddy integration" technology and equipment as the basis, from planning and design, construction management, commissioning the system test operation completed successfully covering municipal sewage sludge, industrial sewage sludge and water treatment projects and a number of sediment "turnkey" projects.

              Guangdong Luyou Environmental protection Equipment Co.,Ltd.by adhering to the "unity and pragmatic, enterprising innovation; good hard work, Li Qian-friendly" green by the spirit of the people, "the green earth, which I practice; committed to environmental protection, the benefit of mankind" as its mission, expectations and many old friends, new friends, good friends to go along your path segment, for a better tomorrow.


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